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Boston's Leading Window Restoration Company
  Boston Bi Glass has set the standard for the best quality window restoration and window renovation company. Windows are an architectural focal point of any property - restoring the functionality and appearance of those windows is crucial. The innovative patented process known as Bi Glass® is a proven system. Bi Glass has been installed in many homes, churches, colleges, town and city halls, libraries, and historic buildings throughout the Northeast.

Maybe you are looking at paint-shut windows, broken ropes, cracked glass, or rotten wood.  Our restoration and repair services will leave you with operating, easy to lift, weather-tight, energy-efficient windows for years to come.

Bi Glass is a patented window restoration process that converts single-pane windows to double-pane windows, offering various customized solutions.  Windows in your home are meant to be functional and will last virtually forever if properly cared for and maintained. Restoration techniques are detailed and carried out effectively leaving you with architecturally-accurate and efficient windows.

Original wood windows were crafted with a much denser wood that cannot be duplicated today. If your windows need repair or need to be restored, we can help. Operating in the greater Boston MA area, we understand the unique history and architectural designs of New England.

Benefits of Bi Glass:
  • We provide you with energy and cost savings. Window restoration can save you 30-40% on heating costs.
  • Significantly decrease exterior noise.
  • Improved comfort in your home through the Bi Glass process.
  • Increased light and view, as replacement windows will make the frame smaller.
  • Economical, in comparison to comparable quality wood replacement windows.
  • Environmentally friendly, read Our Green Pledge.
  • Complete mechanical, structural, and cosmetic rehab.
  • Our expertise is windows, and that is our only focus.
The first step toward restoring your windows is to schedule an onsite-estimate. We do not send a sales person; a trained and highly skilled technician will carefully listen to your concerns, assess the condition of the windows and carry out a customized plan based on those specifications. All of our consultations are clear, concise and professional, no exceptions.
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    Window Services
    Keep it Green
Keep Winter Heat In / Keep Summer Heat Out.
Save Your Windows While Keeping the
Original Wood Frames.
Insulation, Weatherstripping, Insulated.
Glass (like having a replacement window at ½ the cost with the charm of your original wood window.
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