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Commercial Services
Commercial Window Restoration Services

The Boston Bi Glass team has built solid relationships with architectural firms and contractors working locally. We commit to help you reach your goals and those of your clients. Detailed collaboration on projects and conducting thorough on-site assessments has positioned us as industry leaders to partner with. Integrating strategies, team building and coordination have proven the most successful concepts to carry out while working together.
A window restoration specialist will offer a comprehensive scope of work needed according to professional strategy and your clients needs. Whether your client is looking to upgrade the energy performance of their property or a complete window restoration Boston Bi Glass can help. We have the resources and team to help you tackle the most complex projects, read about our restoration process. An added advantage of our company is the concrete effort of environmental conservation with each and every task.

Architects and contractors alike deal with many phases of a project, from conceptual work all the way through the structural work. Let Boston Bi Glass take care of what we do best, restoring windows. Fill out a contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs. For faster communication please call us at (508) 789-2500.

Historical preservation
Historic preservation is a predominant focus in Boston MA, home to unique historic architecture. Historical societies ensure the exterior of a home or building remains preserved to certain code. The Bi-Glass System® maintains historical aesthetics while upgrading the window to higher energy efficiency standards. 

Your Clients
We understand your commitment to making your clients happy, as we have the same commitment. We will work with you to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Boston Bi Glass Specializes in residential and commercial services with detailed customization to ensure long lasting aesthetic beauty and function of existing windows. Executing your client’s vision along with our expertise will leave your client you with peace of mind and a valuable customer. Your clients trust you to handle their request and solve their problems, let us handle yours.

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