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Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and cost of each window is determined based on factors such as window size and current condition of the window sashes and frame. Boston Bi-Glass will be happy to provide you with an estimate reflecting our technician’s expert assessment and your needs. 

Although most packages are customized, below is an example of common services:
Package 1
  • Weather stripping
  • Basic Sash Repair
  • Complete reglazing available with stripping of sash
  • Repairs to Sill, Jams, Exterior Trim
  • Painting
Package 2
  • Bi Glass Conversion
  • Weather stripping
  • Basic Sash Repair
  • Repairs to Sill, Jams, Exterior Trim
  • Painting
Balance Options
  • Retain Weights and install Chain
  • Hidden Balance
  • Tilting Jambliner
Brass Kits
  • Brass washers and Screws
  • Window Pulls
  • New Locks
  • Replacement Pulley System
  • Chain in place of ropes or alternate balance system
Surface Restoration
  • Interior side can be stripped, scraped, sanded, and refinished
  • Sash repaired of any damage
  • Badly damaged rails can be replaced with mahogany duplicates
  • Reglaze original glass and repair broken pieces  (if not Bi Glass’d)
  • Prime and paint exterior of sash
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