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  Projects Gallery
West Roxbury Victorian Project

This project involved the restoration of stained glass windows.


West Roxbury Phase 2
Phase 2 of the project in West Roxbury.

Worcester Project
We had the unique opportunity to work on these custom windows in Worcester this summer.  Five attic windows were converted and 2 prominent stair windows of this 1886 Victorian to retain the look and appeal of these classic windows.  Unfortunately, the previous owner had replaced many of the windows but luckily we were able to save these. The attic windows were in great disrepair with rotted components and had not been protected from the elements.  The attic windows were completely sanded with a prime coat on the interior and exterior of the windows. Bats were able to get into the attic through broken windows, now these beautifully restored windows with curved muntins are once again functional.  The owner chose to have the stairway windows dipped and completely stripped of finish. The exterior was also primed and painted.

Concord Historical House Project
This amazing home was on the water in Concord, MA. Naturally, the windows and doors were exposed to many harsh elements due to the location of the home. The owners chose to keep the historical architecture intact, the bow windows and glass doors were converted to double pane with Low-e. The wood was stripped, dipped and primed. It made such an impact on the look of the home, the owners were so pleased with the outcome.

Susan Project

This client was debating between replacing her windows or restoring them after reading about her options online about Bi Glass. She got estimates for both and ended up choosing Boston Bi Glass. Her windows were completely converted to the Bi Glass double pane glass. She called us back thanking us and letting us know her utility bills were lowered tremendously after her windows were converted as well as installing a new heating system.


Grey House Project

The owners of this home knew they wanted their wooden windows restored; they were referred to Boston Bi Glass through a friend. This project took two weeks and all windows were converted to double pane with low-e gas. They were stripped and painted on the interior and the exterior. Brass chains were also added to each window; they were functional after being painted shut for years.

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