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Residential Services
Residential Services

 Residential Window Restoration Services

We related to the outside of a house since we were little kids. Remember when you drew a picture of your house as a child? No matter what it really looked like it would always be the same as your classmates. It consisted of a square with a triangle roof, a few windows, a door and of course the chimney. The outside of your home is just as important as what is inside; it’s undeniable that windows shape your home. Preserving the detail of your old windows is a choice more and more homeowners are making.

Boston Bi-Glass technicians have worked on hundreds of homes in the greater Boston area. The windows of your home are an architectural highlight that is worth saving. You can have windows that are mechanically, structurally and cosmetically restored while keeping the architectural historic significance of your home. Why replace windows that can be restored back to their original function and still maintain their traditional style?

Enjoy the practical benefits of energy savings, working windows and a maintained charm for windows that fit your lifestyle and your home with Boston Bi Glass. Up to 30% of house’s heating and cooling energy may be lost though windows. Energy efficient window units can improve the heating and cooling cost that you will feel each month.  Your home will be more comfortable while costing less to operate by lowering utility bills.

To best understand your window restoration needs, we conduct a no-obligation consultation in the comfort of your home. After assessing the windows in your home, our restoration specialist will walk you through the whole process step-by-step. There are many solutions to choose from that can resolve your window problems. The Bi-Glass process will help you to learn more about how things are done.

Restoring your windows is a better investment and an eco friendly choice. Love your windows, and your choice!

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