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Restore vs Replace
Restore vs Replace

Windows shape the character of any property and there are many reasons to restore these windows instead of replacing.  The architecture of a home or building sparks emotion, as does the debate restore verse replacing windows.  By choosing to restore windows verse replacing windows you have made an eco-friendly decision as well as a decision to preserve beauty. It might be difficult to see through the chipped pain and windows that need a body builder to open, but we have the solution to get your windows “new” again.

Older is better!

Material matters. When old wood windows are restored, the denser old growth wood they were built with will outlast new wood windows. The materials used in older windows are more dense and enduring then today’s materials. A completely restored window will easily last you another 75-100 years and that cannot be duplicated today. Even new quality windows only carry a 10 year limited warranty, how long have your current old windows lasted?

It will take years to recover cost of replacing your windows; meanwhile restoring windows is a more economical and environmentally friendly option.  Love your windows, and your choice!

Historically significant residential properties and commercial properties have taken advantage the benefits restoring windows can offer without compromising quality. We go beyond strictly making the old windows functional.  A Boston bi glass specialist will ensure the architectural integrity and aesthetics appearance of the windows.  Allow Boston Bi Glass to provide you with a unique alternative to costly or low quality replacement windows. Call us today!

Reasons to Restore windows:

  • Energy savings can be achieved by properly restoring, weatherstripping, glazing and low-e coatings of existing wood windows.
  • Recover investment in a shorter time.
  • You care about our environment. The environmental impact of aluminum, vinyl and glass are amongst high levels of energy consumption.
  • Your old windows are worthy of restoring, even the in the worse condition the Bi-Glass System can make them functional and visually appealing once again.
  • Once your original windows are replaced, there is no turning back.
  • Quality of wood used crafting your original windows cannot be substituted for new wood windows.
  • Let the sun shine in. Did you know replacement windows make the sash smaller, downsizing the area, than the original? This means less natural sunlight into your home.


Misleading Ideas about replacement windows:

  • Newer is better. Many replacement windows need replacement after a few years while your restored original windows will last for many more years to come.
  • Replacement windows are more energy-efficient. After a full restoration and weatherstipping by an expert your energy bill will show you the difference.
  • Replacement windows do not need maintenance. Replacement windows are very costly to fix and although wood needs repainting and maintenance

Also read: Top 10 Reasons to restore or repair wood windows, written by the New England Restoration Alliance.

When Replacement is the solution:  

As a preservation company that keeps our customer’s best interest and objectives in mind, there are times when replacement is an option. Since each home or building has unique complications an on-site assessment will determine such problems.  For those windows truly beyond repair, a specialist will recommend replacement as an alternative. A window specialist will assist you in choosing the right window that fits your home, style and budget. Other times we have helped a client choose replacement windows is when they’re goal is not to restore and want to match the new siding.  
Our customers come first, since each home or building has unique complications or problems, our technician will inform you on their expert opinion. Bi-glass is our first option but if not the best for your situation or the right solution for you we will be happy to help you choose a replacement window.  

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