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Boston Bi-Glass Restoration Company provides full window restoration service to residential Properties and commercial properties . With an initial visit to your location, a technician can plan for a strategic plan to fix existing problems and needs. Our technicians have worked on historical buildings in the wonderful city of Boston as well as many homes in the metro area.  Always keeping your objectives in mind throughout the process leaves our clients pleased.

Look beneath the paint. Our patented Bi-Glass process can convert virtually any kind of wood window: double-hung, casements, picture, arch, bay and bow windows, even shaped. The reliable quality of our craftsmanship will allow us to restore your windows to their original beauty and function.

Windows are the weakest link in your homes thermal boundary, for this reason alone restoring old windows is worthwhile. Adding double pane glass helps slow heat transmission through the window. Solutions may include, high performance glazing, low-e coating and low-conductivity gas fill.

Fill out our contact form or call us at (508) 789-2500 for a free onsite estimate today!

Typical problems fixed through Bi-Glass Renovation:

  •  Sashes function and are no longer painted shut.
  •  Broken and frayed ropes are fixed.
  •  Repairs are made to paint and deteriorated putty.
  •  Broken or missing hardware can be replaced for security.
  •  Cracked glass is replaced with new or dual pane low E insulted glass panels in your existing sash.
  •  Draft proofed – No rattles or drafts penetrating your home.
  •  Rotted wood rotted and damaged sash repaired with two part epoxy wood fillers giving life to old sash at a   reasonable cost.

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