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Window Types
  Window Types


The window sash in various positions. The design of double-hung windows allow for great ventilation and airflow.

Casement windows:- 

Are becoming more popular in newer construction. These windows operate by cranks that swing either inward or outward similar to a door. Since casement windows are easy to open and close, they are convenient in hard to reach places such as over counters.
Bow windows:-
Arch outward just like bay windows providing a great view. The difference is that there are more than three sections that form a curve. Generally the middle window is fixed and sides are usually casement windows joint together.
Bay windows:-
Arch outward from the wall of the home/building. The middle is generally fixed and the sides are either casement or double hung style windows. Restoring a bay window visual impacts the look of your home and create not only a great view from the inside but also outside.
Horizontal sliding windows:-
Have one or more fixed panels and one or more sliding panels on horizontal tracks. Only one side of the window may be opened at a time.

Awning window:-
swings outward and has a top hinge. This type of window is great in rainy seasons keeping water out but fresh air in.
Hopper windows:-
Hopper windows are usually used in basements. The hinge is at the bottom and sometimes referred to as a utility window.
Round-top/ geometrically shaped windows:- 
Are used for architectural purposes. These specialty windows add distinctive character to a home. With the Bi-Glass process you can preserve the aesthetics of these windows without custom prices to replace them.
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